Our Vision

CavityFree SF works to eliminate disparities in oral health care so all San Francisco children can be cavity-free and healthy

Our Guiding Principles

To achieve the goal of caries-free children in San Francisco, our Implementation Teams, champions, and partners will focus on:

  • Prevention (not to the exclusion of treatment)
  • Ages 0-10 and pregnant women
  • Populations that are most at-risk, including low-income, communities of color, children with special needs, and recent immigrants
  • Sustainable efforts; utilize all available funding streams
  • Policy and systems levels change
  • Coordinated city-wide efforts
  • Inclusion of community perspective

Our Strategic Categories

San Francisco children are deprived of oral health care at many different levels of service. We use the following strategic approaches to remove the barriers:


Increase access to oral health care services for San Francisco children and pregnant women.


Integrate oral health with overall health by educating primary care providers and staff on screening for caries, applying fluoride varnish and raising awareness of the importance of oral health to an individual's well-being.


Increase awareness and practice of optimal children’s oral health behaviors among diverse communities in San Francisco.


Develop and establish an ongoing oral health population-based data collection and analysis system to address the oral health of San Francisco children.


Oversee implementation of the Strategic Plan and ensure visibility and sustainability of the collaborative.

Our Core Team

Our administrative infrastructure gives direction so CavityFree SF can protect our city’s youth


In 2012, Dr. Lisa Chung, UCSF Public Health Dentist, and Margaret Fisher, SF DPH Dental Hygienist/Oral Health Consultant, joined forces to address the dental needs of underserved high-risk children in San Francisco. Together, they developed a core team of oral health advocates and leaders to craft the SF Children’s Oral Health Strategic Plan 2014-2020.

Implementation Coordinating Committee (ICC)

The ICC is a diverse collaboration of individuals from multiple disciplines and sectors who meet regularly to review progress and provide input to the core team, helping CavityFree SF move toward our goals.  See members list.

Coordination and Administration

Prasanthi Patel, MPH,  is the CavityFree SF Coordinator, a position created by the advocacy of the community and stakeholders, envisioning the SF Department of Public Health’s role in centralizing efforts across the city.

Kara Lugtu, MPH,  is the CavityFree SF Administrator, a key component of our ability to progress as a collaborative.

To be hired, a dedicated CavityFree SF Oral Health Educator, a position funded through Prop 56, who will work to promote children’s oral health messaging and serve as a liaison between the community-based children’s oral health task forces and the CavityFree SF ICC.

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