Oral Health Education Videos

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Welcome to your Teledentistry Visit
Welcome to your teledentistry visit. This video has three segments:
A) How do I get set-up?
B) What can I expect during the teledentistry visit?
C) How should I position myself and my child?
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How to Take Photos of Your Child’s Teeth
2 minute video detailing for the caregiver how to take the best pictures of the child’s teeth prior to the teledentistry visit.
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How do I Apply Fluoride Varnish at Home
90 second video detailing what comes in a mail home fluoride varnish kit and how to properly apply to child’s teeth with dental team supervision.
View in Spanish & Chinese

Brushing Your Child’s Teeth
90 second video detailing proper technique for toothbrushing, the proper amount of fluoride toothpaste and how often children should brush their teeth!
View in Spanish & Chinese

Healthy dental habits with Nurse Tomoko

Oral health lessons with Nurse Lilly

Preventive Oral Health Care

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Dental Procedures

Molar Sealants

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