Thank you to our funders!

We appreciate all of the funders who have invested in our mission to make all San Francisco children Cavity Free

Future Funding Needs

Here’s what we need to support our strategic plan:

Increase access to oral health care services for children & pregnant women

Expand children and pregnant women's access to dental services by increasing the number of safety net dental providers serving low-income children, and delivery into settings where women and children frequent.

Expand Case Management for San Francisco children & pregnant women

Increase case management for children with dental treatment needs at SFUSD, pre-schools/Head Start, WIC, as well as through the Child Health & Disability Prevention (CHDP) program.

Provide trainings and resources to medical providers and support staff

These trainings in medical settings will incorporate oral health assessment, referral and application of fluoride varnish into all patient care settings where children’s health and prenatal care is addressed.

Support data collection, analysis, and reporting

Increase staff time; maintain a committee that includes an epidemiologist from the SF DPH and members with expertise in oral epidemiology, biostatistics, and program evaluation.

Maintain staffing at SF DPH to support the implementation of the Strategic Plan

Maintain staffing at SF DPH/UCSF to support the implementation of the Oral Health Strategic Plan.

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It is easy to fight for healthy mouths when such suffering can be avoided and prevented. Just last month, my patient had general anesthesia for 1 filling, one pulpectomy, 4 metal crowns and regrettably 4 extractions. Hopefully he can start to put on some weight now that he can eat again!

Lyra Ng, MD, Pediatrician

Thank you to our funders who have generously supported our work!

With your help, we are moving the bar in reducing children's caries.

Hellman Foundation

Metta Foundation

CA Department of Public Health

SF Department of Public Health

Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP)

SF Soda Tax

WITH Foundation

CA Dept of Public Health Office of Oral Health (Prop 56)

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