Integration Team

We will utilize our non-dental workforce to increase provision of preventive care, education, and dental referrals early and often, by integrating oral health promotion and services into health care.

Since implementation of CavityFree SF Strategic Plan in 2014:


Medical providers trained on fluoride varnish


Decrease in caries experience in preschoolers


Additional SFUSD preschoolers receiving fluoride varnish annually

  • Increase fluoride varnish applications, oral health assessments, referrals, and age-based education in well-child visits.

    We will continue to support and train physicians in utilizing preventive oral health best practices at well-child visits, prioritizing children receiving Medi-Cal benefits.

  • Expand care coordination services.

    We will explore ways to increase referrals, follow-ups, and care coordination between health care professionals and dentists for children with active decay.

  • Increase dental utilization and care coordination for pregnant women.

    We will promote the safety and importance of routine dental care before and during pregnancy, and develop care coordination between prenatal care providers and dental professionals, prioritizing women receiving Medi-Cal benefits.

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