Integration Team

Oral health has historically been separated from overall health, resulting in low rates of children receiving preventive oral health care. By integrating oral health into medical visits, pregnant women and children are much more likely to receive effective oral health prevention information and services.

Since implementation of CavityFree SF Strategic Plan in 2014:


Medical providers trained on fluoride varnish


Decrease in caries experience in preschoolers


Additional SFUSD preschoolers receiving fluoride varnish annually

  • Institute fluoride varnish applications and oral health education in well-child pediatric visits

    within community clinics and private medical offices targeting undeserved neighborhoods

  • Incorporate oral health care for children more prominently into Managed Care Health Plans

    Oral health performance improvement training for pediatricians and nurses and sustainable reimbursement for fluoride varnish

  • Standardize Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

    Include questions on oral health and management of dental referrals in EMR system used in medical offices and clinics throughout SF

  • Train pediatric and prenatal providers on importance of oral health

    Incorporate oral health assessment, referral and fluoride varnish into children's health and prenatal care settings

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