• Building community partnerships

  • Promoting optimal children's oral health behaviors and practices

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  • Encouraging early dental visits for young children

Promotion Team

The Promotion Team works to create consistent and culturally appropriate oral health messages targeted and delivered in culturally appropriate ways. Good oral health is critical to a person’s well-being. Systems that serve-low income families need to highlight and integrate oral health education into their overall health and education initiatives.

Since implementing the CavityFree SF Strategic Plan in 2014:


Medical providers trained on Fluoride Varnish application


Decrease in caries experience in preschoolers


Increase in Fluoride Varnish application in preschoolers

  • Coordinate oral health education citywide

    Map current services and education in San Francisco and identify gaps in outreach

  • Integrate oral health into overall health promotion

    Join existing health campaigns and reach out to community health worker programs

  • Establish and support community-based children's oral health task forces

    Create culturally-specific oral health education messaging for parents and caregivers of children 0-5 years old

    Task Forces

Join the Promotion Team

Get involved with our Promotion team and join the amazing people making a difference in our city.

Please contact Aira Villareal to join the Promotion Team.



If you are looking for emergency dental care in San Francisco during COVID-19,Visit our COVID-19 Resources page