Oral Health Brochures

Oral Health Guidelines for Parents and Providers: English

Oral Health Guidelines for Newborns and 0-5 Year Olds: English

Oral Health Guidelines for Children and Teens: English

Standing with your Family Standing with your Community: English

Ages and Stages of Optimal Oral Health: English

Oral Health, Dental Care and Special Needs: English

Dental Home: English | Chinese | Hmong | Korean | Spanish

Healthy Kids Need Healthy Teeth: English | Chinese | Spanish

Healthy Teeth and Pregnant Moms: English

Prevent Tooth Decay in Infants & Toddlers: English

Baby’s 1st Birthday Dental Visit: English | Chinese | Spanish

Lift the Lip: English | Chinese | Spanish

Healthy Teeth, Give Tap Water: English | Chinese | Spanish

Sip All Day Get Decay: English

Brush, Book, Bed: English | Spanish

Healthy Teeth Lead to School Success: English | Chinese | Spanish

Benefits of Midday Brushing: English

Fluoride Varnish; Helping Smiles Stay Strong: English | Chinese | Hmong | Korean | Spanish

Fluoride: Cavity Fighter: English

Why Do Children Need Fluoride?: English

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